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This is a long story……9 years ago about the same time that I started working on Brompton bikes Brompton started working on an electric version of their fantastic folding bike, about 5 years ago it was taking shape and they release the project to the public and called it “Project X”, you could subscribe to get updates and for several years they suggested it would be available next year, these years rolled away with nothing coming to market due to what they called “manufacturing issues”, at the same time I was working on a new gear system conversion after the success of my Sturmey Archer 8 speed conversion and in between my Shimano 11 speed conversion, this I posted on my website as my “project X”, many thought I was also working on an electric conversion but my response to any customers looking for an electric assist conversion was to wait for the Brompton one as I felt it would be far superior to any of the after market hub motor kits that were and remain available for the bike, still the years came and went with no sign of the electric Brompton and I think “project X” even got lost in the wait, last year (2016) press releases suggested it was ready to come to market and would be available in 2017, great I thought, and when I came back from winter leave in February I was excited to at last see it….guess what…still not available….so I started to look at it and in just 8 weeks (blowing my own trumpet) built this the lightest most efficient retro fittable conversion for an electric Brompton, I wanted to overcome some of the problems of the usual hub motor conversions which are rotational weight that affects the balance and weight of the bike, frame mods (usually to the front forks which is not practical for titanium forks or bikes with useful front hub dynamos), weight, and messy electrics, together with a company using a new generation of electric motors I have produced what is at this time the only mid drive (bottom bracket) system that adds just 1.8kgs (without battery) to the bike.

Come on Brompton with all your resources you can do better than another wheel motor electric bike!

Brompton Electric Bike

Brompton Electric bike