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Brompton Folding Bike 11 Speed

Fitting the Alfine 11 speed hub to your Iconic British Folding Bike requires the widening of the rear frame (steel), with my jig this is done cold which avoids any paintwork damage, all the other mods are done to retain a factory look, rim used is the Velocity Aeroheat which is a close match to the new factory double wall rims, suitable for M/P/S/H- type handlebars (M/P/H- types need a little adjustment of bars - something many owners already do to get a more comfortable brake lever angle - to allow for the bulkier gear shifter so will increase the width of the folded bike slightly)  it retains your Brompton chainring, gear ratios 409% LAST 1 OF THESE, THE NEATEST ALFINE CONVERSION ON THE MARKET

With 44t chainwheel 1.70m - 6.70m

With 50t chainwheel 1.90m - 7.70m

With 54t chainwheel 2.00m - 8.30m

Fitted to your Brompton the costs is £695 including new Velocity Aeroheat rim, hub and wheel build using new Sapim spokes, chain tensioner with mods, chain, gear control,Shimano brake levers and  foam grips! (Other grips available)

Lower gearing for all Brompton Iconic British Folding Bike (1,2,3,6, 8 and 11 speed)

This is probably the most asked question I get about the Brompton bike, if you have got the smallest Brompton 44t chainring and the largest rear sprocket for your model and you still want lower gears then I can supply (and fit if required) the Stronglight 40t

Stronglight 40t chainset (fixed) a smaller chainset by the manufacturers of the Brompton chainrings, the right crank arm is the same style as the pre 2013 Brompton so you can either retain your left crank with the Brompton modification to stop the folding pedal touching the frame or fit the new one supplied with a modification to do the same. Supplied with black alloy chainguard £49.99. U.K p&p £3.95.

Postage: U.K. mainland First Class. E.U and rest of world Tracked Airmail on drop down menu

Brompton Iconic British Folding Bike 8 speed

As above using the Shimano Alfine 8 speed hub with either the thumb shifter or grip shifter £545, gear ratio 306%

With 44t chainwheel 1.70m - 5.10m

With 50t chainwheel 1.90m - 5.80m

With 54t chainwheel 2.00m - 6.20m


Brompton Folding Bike


Other conversions I have done and answers to some of the questions I get asked

Rolhoff 14 speed - I found the gearing too low, even with the smallest sprocket and largest chainwheel I felt there were too many low gears for everyday use, not worth the high cost!

Nuvinci variable speed - lovely smooth quiet operation with no steps in the gears, down side was the weight of hub 2.6kgs.

Sturmey 8 speed - was a cost effective conversion for the customer (but not so much for me due to the chain tensioner mods)

Sturmey 5 speed - using the new alloy shell SRF5(w) - a cost affective alternative to the 3 and 6 speed offerings. Poa.

Stronglight 40t chainring and guard for Spider Chainset

Lower gearing option for the new 2013 onwards Brompton chainset with detachable rings, 40t chainring supplied with black alloy chainguard  stainless bolts/spacers and fitting instructions, please note this is for replacing your 44t, 50t, 54t Brompton chainring and will require one of your fixing bolts £29.99. U.K p&p £2.95.

Brompton spider chainset fitted with 40t chainring and guard

Brompton chainset with detachable rings fitted with above lower gearing 40t chainring and black alloy chainguard £78.50. U.K p&p £3.95.

Also available with new JIS bootom bracket, please select on drop down menu